The famous menu of Kageyama’s first appearance in Nissin Cup noodles

"Famous store series Kageyamaro chicken white salt soba" will be released nationwide on August 24 (Monday).

“Famous store series” is a series that was based on the concept of “cup noodles made by popular famous ramen shop supervision”. As its seventh edition, we will commercialize the specialty menu of creative Chinese cuisine “Kageyama ★ *” located in Tokyo Jiyugaoka with cup noodles for the first time.
Faithfully reproduced the signboard menu “chicken white salt soba” of the shop where condensed rice and taste that was cooked carefully. A rich chicken soup sticks to thick fatty noodles, and the rich fragrance of “special shrimp oil” is a full-fledged finish that appetizes the appetite, and Mr. Kenichi Kageyama also acknowledges Mr. Kenjiyama.


* About “Kageyama”
Creative Chinese restaurant opened in 2009 by Mr. Kenji Kageyama who served as the chef of “Keio Plaza Hotel” and “Ebisu Chikushiro”. In Tokyo, it will open stores in Jiyugaoka, Ebisu and Takadanobaba, and in April 2015 it will also be open in Furamoto Fujimi (Saitama) food court, which is a hot topic with many topics on the media.

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